Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation

Tennis is more than just a game.

Tennis is more than just a game.

Tennis Ball Graphic
Tennis Ball Graphic

Who We Are

“In our program, tennis is more than a sport! Our program is designed to support and provide the student with tools to learn about team building, writing, speaking clearly, and listening to others both on the tennis court and in a classroom. “

-Peg Perez, Executive Director

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We are a 501C(3) non-profit organization, founded by enthusiastic tennis players who wanted to bring tennis to the under-resourced children of Delray Beach.

Our vision is through community partnerships, parental engagement, com-prehensive tennis, education and life skills programs, we inspire our children to chart a course of healthy lifestyles, responsible decision making and academic success into adolescence and beyond.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of under-resourced youth through tennis, academic support and life skills

Our in-house program enrollment at Swim and Tennis has increased to 27 students; coupled with the 70+ students we work with from our Outreach Program, DBYTF now makes an impact of the lives of nearly 100 children! We have by far surpassed our projected goal of 50 students back in the spring.

We now partner with 4 community organizations Monday thru Friday: Milagro Center, Carver Middle School, Spady School and Paul’s Place which operate at Catherine Strong Park, Pompey Park, Carver Middle School grounds and Delray Beach Tennis Center. Starting in January, we will continue to expand and include Milagro Center’s Teen Center, Achievement Centers and Boys and Girls Club.

Our goal

is to support and help change the trajectory of each child.

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We want to provide a safe haven for our children where they can let their true selves shine. Please take a moment to watch our video to learn more about what our mission means to us and why teaching tennis, providing academic support and instilling life skills are a huge part of making a difference to our children’s lives.

We believe

every child has the right to succeed.

Using the lessons of tennis as our starting point, we help children reach for the stars.

Empowering Youth

with the game of tennis

We’re building confidence

on and off the court

We’re mentoring

tomorrow's leaders

Join our community

and make a difference
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Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

Our Partners

Our partners work alongside us to meet the unique needs of every child in our program.

Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
Delray Beach parks and rec
Velasco Tennis
Delray Beach Tennis Center
Yellow Tennis
Love Serving Autism
Paul's Place
urban scrap metal
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Our Sponsors

Sponsorship helps support our work with their resources, training, and expertise.

Morgan Stanley
Presson Group
Net Generation