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USTA Foundation sponsors The National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) Essay Contest yearly

Each year the children ages 8-16 of the Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation participate in writing an essay answering a thought-provoking question requiring research and analysis. NJTL is a nationwide network of community tennis organizations seeking to develop the character of young people through tennis and education. Since 2015, DBYTF has had 2 National Winners and 8 […]

The 2022 Tribute Award

The 2022 Tribute Award inductees consist of individuals and organizations who have shown a passion and dedication for supporting the growth of tennis and community outreach in South Florida and have gone above and beyond in dedicating their time to the sport.  We congratulate Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation, who had over 1000 votes, and […]

Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation was honored by USTA Florida to receive the Outstanding Diversity Award 2022

This award recognizes an individual or organization (may include NJTL leaders and/or chapters) that has championed the cause for diversity both on and off the tennis court. Through hard work, persistence, and unwavering dedication, the nominee has succeeded in providing outreach and expanding the image of tennis to any diverse population.  Other considerations are demonstrating a high degree […]

Kids Come first

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We believe kids come first, they are the future leaders and our future navigators. Absolutely! Children are the future of our world, and we must nurture and educate them so that they can take on the mantle of leadership. We must provide them with a safe and stimulating environment where they can learn, explore and […]

The benefits of Tennis for self-esteem

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Tennis is a great way to improve your self-esteem. Playing tennis can help you feel more confident and improve your self-image. Tennis can also help you feel more connected to your community and make new friends.

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