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Ace of the Month

Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation’s February 2024 “Ace of the Month” goes to Karen Ankapong!

Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation: Empowering Youth Through Tennis

Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation students

The Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation, a beacon of empowerment and personal growth for young tennis players in the community, uses the game of tennis as an instrument to foster development. This esteemed organization is located at the heart of Delray Beach and operates out of the Delray Beach Tennis Center.

The 2022 Tribute Award

The 2022 Tribute Award inductees consist of individuals and organizations who have shown a passion and dedication for supporting the growth of tennis and community outreach in South Florida […]

Kids Come first

tennis balls and racket

We believe kids come first, they are the future leaders and our future navigators. Absolutely! Children are the future of our world, and we must nurture and educate them so […]

The benefits of Tennis for self-esteem

tennis player kid

Tennis is a great way to improve your self-esteem. Playing tennis can help you feel more confident and improve your self-image. Tennis can also help you feel more connected to […]

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